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Optical Lens Lab Software

Sophisticated lab software for surfacing of ophthalmic lenses.

Lens lab software you can rely on – choose from Novar, Innovations, Innovations Remote, or RXPro. Our optical lens lab software manages and automates prescription lens processing with the latest innovative technology. Build a lab that runs with optimal performance with lab management software by Coburn Technologies.

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Novar Lens Design Software

Novar Lens Design Software

Novar Free-form Lens Designer has been highly developed over the course of many years. Successfully utilized on tens of thousands of optical lenses, Novar can be implemented on a broad variety of optical laboratory management systems and surfacing platforms, including Coburn’s Cobalt System and other major equipment manufacturers. Ask about our 30-day trial available for anyone interested in testing Novar on a risk-free basis.

Innovations Lab Software for Ophthalmic Lens Processing

Innovations Optical Lab Software

Innovations Optical Lab Software automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing. The optical lab software is modular and can be custom configured to suit the specific operational needs and workstation arrangements of any size lens laboratory. Designed to run on single PC or over a network, Innovations is available in a variety of configurations.

Innovations Lab Software for Ophthalmic Lens Processing

Innovations Remote Optical Lab Software

Innovations Remote is a total hardware and optical lab software solution that ensures the timely exchange of patient Rx, lens and accurate frame trace data between satellite locations and a central optical lens laboratory. Consisting of Gerber Coburn’s Envoy™ Remote Frame Tracer and Innovations Lab Software, it offers all segments within the ophthalmic lens dispensing chain – ODs, retail outlets and wholesale laboratories – a reliable way to build efficiency, speed and quality into the Rx delivery process. Each remote location must be equipped with the Envoy and Innovations Remote; the lens lab must be equipped with Innovations Basic or Standard.

RXPro Optical Lab Software logo

RXPro Optical Lab Software

Coburn’s RXPro lab management software brings modern optical processing technology to your laboratory. The program offers a wide range of custom options and significantly improved Rx calculations. RXPro is a perfect lab management software for small to medium sized labs looking to complete the generating process at an affordable price point.