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Optical Lens Coatings

Reliable, durable, fast curing coatings exclusively by Coburn.

Your #1 source for reliable, high performance backside lens coatings for your lens lab. Coburn’s full range of optical coatings are optimized with HCLT Hybrid Cross Linking Technology (HCLT) during lens lab production which ensures the best coating adhesion, abrasion, yields and tintability. All of our lens coatings are fast curing, durable, low viscosity and highly stable with excellent adhesion. Any impurities are substantially limited due to our high standards in filtration. Our coatings contain no volatile solvents and are safe to ship and handle.


Bottle of ProCoat optical lens coating by Coburn Technologies with green and white label on a brown bottle.

ProCoat Hard Coating

ProCoat is the “pro” in abrasion resistance, adhesion to substrates, tintability, clairty and stability. Meticulously developed, ProCoat optical lens coating performs on more lens materials and substrates than ever before, while remaining highly tintable. At an average of one bottle per machine per month, ProCoat has the longest life cycle of Coburn’s hard coatings.

DURA-UV Optical Lens Coating

DURA-UV Hard Coating

This fast curing, durable lens coating features excellent adhesion, low viscosity, great coating stability and a special bonding chemical formulation and unique UV/thermal hybrid chemistry. DURA-UV lens coating is optimized with HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology) during lab production, ensuring the best lens coating adhesion, abrasion and yields. Better filtration results in less impurities, which improves coating performance; and because it contains no volatile solvents it is safe for standard shipping and handling. No problem switching lens coatings; formulated for plug and play use. Tintable to a grey 3 while maintaining high abrasion resistance.

Bottle of UVMAX optical lens coating by Coburn Technologies, with a white and orange label on a brown bottle.

UVMAX Hard Coating

UVMAX is compatible with the following backside lens coaters: Velocity, Velocity LTE, MR3, Mini2 and Simplicity. Fast curing and durable, like all Coburn coatings, UVMAX has excellent adhesion, low viscosity, and great coating stability. Features unique bonding chemical formulation and UV/thermal hybrid chemistry. HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology) ensures the best coating adhesion, abrasion, yields and tintability. High filtration and less impurities improve UVMAX coating performance. Contains no volatile solvents and is safe for standard shipping and handling. No problem switching coatings; UVMAX is compatible with all standard UV curing systems and bulbs and all standard spin lens coaters.